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Hi!I’m Jahangir:)
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I’m a Pakistani in my forties. I am currently live in Islamabad and I grew up in the city of Rahim Yar Khan.
I have a burning passion for people, places, travel, history and culture. All this passion started after reading travelogues by one and only Mustansar Hussain Tarar.
Someone said “Books are a uniquely portable magic”. YES! this is so true I could not come out from a magic of travelogue by Mustansar Hussain Tarar i.e. ‘Niklay Teri Talash Main’ (Out in your search) First published in 1971.
These journeys are my motivation for life. Life is short and beautiful so every day should be different. I have dream of traveling around the globe and want to encourage you to do it too! Hopefully my stories and tips can inspire you to get out there and see the world.
After my first ever trip abroad back in 2006, I developed a strong ecstasy in exploring the world, which eventually led to this website being started back in 2017. I want to see the whole world, and I want YOU to join me on my journey if not in person, at least through Green Passport Diaries. I write about places I go, people I meet, interrogation I’ve had, buses I’ve missed, adventures I’ve experienced, gossip stories and anything else that takes my attention.
I hope to provide important travel tips, essential advice, endless stories and light-hearted humor based on my experiences on this sphere we find ourselves on. I will give you a first hand experience, an honest guide to traveling the world, backpacking through endless towns, cities and villages I will show the highs and lows of long term travel.
I’ve already covered places such as Thailand, Mauritius, United Arab Emirates, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine on my journeys.

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Siberia, Russia

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