visa free countries for pakistan

While there are several reasons for it, the primary cause is an ineffective foreign policy.

Our Political leadership, Government officials, their spouses and their “dependent children upto 28 years of age” travel on blue passport and navigate the way accordingly partially oblivious to what ordinary Pakistanis go through. They tend to stay attached in some capacity to use the same passport even after retirement. There is no compelling reason for them to lobby.

In fact, they lobby against visa on arrivals because it comes a big burden for the foreign missions to represent Pakistanis who overstay (pronounced in some key stations like Malaysia, Indonesia etc).

Thirdly Pakistanis don’t travel much for tourism (I am glad to see that it changing but the number is negligible and also focused towards a handful of countries).

To compound the problem, most of the Pakistanis that go out opt to get another passport and move away from Pakistani passport anyways hence the case to pursue becomes even worse.

The list is long as has a political element as well (thousands of passports issued to foreign nationals … which has tinted our image even more)

Just check how many countries our SARKAR can visit visa free on their Blue Passport!!!! and then compare the number with Green passport… Here’s map of countries where green and blue passport holders can go visa free…

Now you know why they don’t care about green passport 🙁

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