Most of us travel for obvious reasons and some (not so obvious) reasons…

I was born and raised near desert and from my childhood I used to hear one line when ever we were enjoying cool breeze “yeh Siberia ke hawa hai aur Quetta sa aa rahie hai”… The word Siberia stuck in my mind from childhood and I always wanted to visit this place.

This goes hand in hand with the saying of everything happen for a reason. I got married few years ago and interestingly my wife was born in Siberia but they moved to another country when she was young. So I decided lets give it a shot. Last year I started my journey from my hometown Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab to my wife’s hometown Nizhnevartovsk, West Siberia.

The main objective was to reach Siberia, find my wife family apartment, take photos of the apartment, Nizhnevartovsk city and share with my in-laws because they left the city 30 years ago and never visited again.

First I went to Almaty, Kazakhstan, took a train ride to Astana, took a flight to Omsk, Russia then a long train trip to Nizhnevartovsk, West Siberia

In short, I reached Siberia with zero knowledge of Russian language but local people help me a lot and I found the apartment with just the number of the building and old pics of my in-laws 🙂

Every one in the train and hostel was surprised to meet a Pakistani in a city which is the center of the West Siberian oil-producing region and one of the wealthiest cities in the country but not a tourist destination.

Will love to go there again in winter to enjoy “Siberia ke thandi hawayein”

With all that fear, it’s much easier to stay at home in our comfort
zones than to break out and travel.

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