Kazakhstan Eid

It was the first day of Eid in Kazakhstan.

My ATM card suddenly stopped working (I later found out that it was blocked by the bank) and sagging on gold, I had forgotten my wallet somewhere. I was wandering the Kazakh countryside with some Kazakh notes in my pocket. I was tired of exhaustion and was starving. At that time I had only one thought in mind… Should I buy something to eat or a bus ticket to Astana? I was passing by a village when I saw a small cafe on the side of the road. The scent coming from there overwhelmed the hunger over ticket. I almost lay down in a chair outside the cafe. After some time when the legs got some rest, the ticket started to dominate the hunger.

I thought for a while and took a middle path. A cup of tea and bus tickets!

One of the cafe worker came out of the café and start looking at me. Only one word came out of my mouth “tea”. He smiled and walked inside.

I was enjoying my tea and he went inside.I was thinking in my mind that a wonderful and lively fragrance called me back to this cafe…

He was standing in front of me and there was an apple pie on the table with a cup of tea. I tried to say “no” in every word of Russian, English, Urdu and Punjabi, but he went inside with a smile.

Now the apple pie was in front of me, the scent of apple pie defeated the bus ticket.

After eating the pie and drinking chai, my stomach and heart were a bit excited but my legs and my pockets were unhappy.

I had no idea about the price of tea, nor the apple pie. Well, I went inside the cafe and try to explain it with my hand gestures about bill.

He asked for my mobile phone. He typed on it for a while and returned the mobile.

I took a long breath and looked at the mobile screen.

“no money.. you are guest… Eid”

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Kazakhstan Chai

“Chai & Apple Pie”

“Kasakh Hospitality”

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